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Struggling to care for an aging loved one from a distance?

Arrange for a caring and knowledgeable Jubilant Concierge Nurse to provide Private, Top-notch In-home wellness checks and care management for you or your aging loved one.

Overwhelmed by all the resources needed, appointments, referrals and decisions to be made?

Caring for your aging loved one from a far does not have to be so hard.

I provide the knowledge, skills, resources and support needed to help you and your loved one(s) navigate the healthcare system and manage their health so they can age safely and independently at home.

Let me help you!

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Aging Gracefully at Home

We all share the aspiration to age gracefully in the familiar comfort of our own homes and to extend the same wish to our cherished family members. However, the journey of managing our home health and well-being, often involving multiple medications and doctors within the complexities of the healthcare system, can be quite challenging.

In Myrtle Beach, SC many seniors have chosen this serene haven as their retirement destination, even when their children live hours or states away. This choice deserves to be honored.

That's where Jubilant Health Solutions can help. Your compassionate and knowledgeable Jubilant Concierge Nurse provides top-notch private senior care services in the home and is here to make this dream of graceful aging a reality. I understand the importance of providing care that allows you to remain in your beloved home, surrounded by your memories and the things you hold dear.

What can you expect from an in-home wellness check and care management service?

Continuity of care is at the heart of what I do. My goal is to enhance safety, provide valuable education, and reduce the risk of hospital readmissions, so you can continue living life at home, doing the things you love.

At Jubilant Health Solutions, I believe in supporting you and your family, no matter where you are on this journey. Let me be your partner in ensuring a future of cherished moments, right in the place you call home.

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Peace of mind

Balancing personal relationships and caregiving responsibilities can be stressful.

Let me provide you with the peace of mind you need, knowing that your parent(s) are receiving high-quality care, tailored to their specific needs, and delivered with empathy and compassion.

Senior Care Services


Services May Include:


Single Visits:

50mins increments.

Book multiple hours/same visit

Monthly Packages:

*Guaranteed  (4) 50mins visits per month

*May choose In-person, phone, text, email or video visits

Group of young adults enjoying life instead of stressing over taking care of their aging parents.


We enable adult children to continue working, cultivating relationships and managing their personal lives without the guilt and added stress of caregiving.