Managing LIfe with a new diagnosis is so much easier when you or your loved one book Jubilant Health Solutions for your Care Coordination needs.

The first 30-days after discharge are the most critical.

Senior Man laying in hospital bed worried about his discharge to home from the hospital in Myrtle Beach. SC. He is concerned about caring for himself once he returns home.

Anxious about going home from 24/7 care to full independence?

I provide 1 on 1, Private In-Home services to ensure you have the knowledge, resources and confidence to effectively self-manage your care at home.

Facing challenges immediately after leaving the hospital?

A weekly or more In-Home or Telephone RN Visit helps identify those challenges early so that minor issues don't turn into bigger issues resulting in rehospitalizations.  Waiting weeks until you see your care provider can cost you your health.

Senior woman has several pills in her hands. She is confused about her medication management at home in Myrtle Beach, SC. She needs In Home Concierge Nurse help.

Post Discharge Follow-Up 

Transitioning home after a hospital or rehab stay can be a challenging experience. Through Jubilant Health Solutions, I'm here to make that transition smoother and help you maintain optimal health with less stress.

Your Jubilant Health Concierge Nurse serves as your bridge to better healthcare, ensuring you achieve your health goals more efficiently. When you or your loved one is discharged from a facility, be it a hospital, nursing home, or rehab center, I will step in to provide the support you need.

What can you expect from a Jubilant Concierge Nurse visit after discharge?

My primary goal is to empower you to manage your care effectively and confidently at home, improving safety and enhancing your overall well-being. I aim to prevent hospital readmissions, allowing you to remain in the comfort of your own home.

My program is especially beneficial for those in need of additional support during the crucial days to weeks following discharge. These initial post-discharge days are the most critical, and my services are designed to make a significant impact on your recovery, whether you have home health services or not.

Let Jubilant Health Solutions be your partner in a smoother and healthier post-discharge journey.

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Post Discharge Follow-up Services

Services May Include:



Single Visits:

50 min increments.

Book multiple hours/same visit

Monthly Packages:

*Guaranteed  (4) 50 min visits per month

*May choose In-person, phone, text, email or video visits

Happy, healthy senior couple spending time together living independently in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Find your joy! 

Live a happy, fulfilling, independent life in the place you call home.