It brings me joy to know I'm delivering exceptional care with kindness, compassion and understanding to our aging adult and seniors' population in the ways they need and deserves. 

Senior Independent Living Myrtle Beach

A` la Carte  Individual services for a specific task or service.  Service must be booked 24 hours in advance.  Prices starting at $50.

In Home Vital Signs Monitoring

Service covers comprehensive vital signs monitoring, including blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, respiration rate, and temperature; also providing education and guidance to ensure clients or their family members can properly self-monitor blood pressure and blood sugar at home employing the teach-back method. Stay on top of your health with our convenient monitoring service.

In Home Staple/Suture Removal

Service includes wound assessment for acute wounds, suture/staple removal, and wound care. *Doctor's order required. We also communicate assessment and treatment information to your provider. Let us ensure your wound healing process is efficient and well-coordinated. 

In Home Medication Management

Services includes organizing medications, checking for duplicates, evaluating effectiveness, assessing for side effects, filling your pill box, and ordering refills. Will also communicate with your doctor to address concerns and ensure optimal care. Let me simplify your medication routine for a healthier, stress-free in-home medication routine.  Ensures medication compliance, safety, appropriateness, effectiveness and cost considerations.